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Dean Martin Recorded The Timeless Classic ‘Volare’ in 1958

20July21_Volare_900px This week in 1958, Dean Martin was recording his classic version of “Volare (Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu)” at the Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles, California. The orchestra was conducted by Gus Levene and the session featured legendary jazz guitarist Alvino Rey.

Dean Martin Recorded ‘What Could Be More Beautiful’ This Day In 1952

On June 12, 1952, Dean Martin was in the studio in Los Angeles recording (among other songs) “What Could Be More Beautiful.” It was a Thursday night and the session took place at Capitol Records’ Melrose Avenue studios from 8PM – 11:30PM. A late-night session! Listen to the song here:

Dean Martin – Just For Fun

On this day in 1949, May 27, Paul Weston and his Orchestra were recording the instrumental band tracks for “Just For Fun” in Los Angeles. Dean Martin then overdubbed his vocals the next month, on June 20, 1949. How about we listen to the song, just for fun?