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On This Day In 1952, Dean Martin Recorded ‘You Belong To Me’

On this day in 1952, Dean Martin was in the studio working hard on the track “You Belong To Me.” The recording session was held at Capitol Records’ Melrose Studios in Los Angeles from 8PM to 11:30PM. The single would be released as Capitol #2165. Listen to Dean singing “You Belong To Me” here!

It’s Dean Martin’s Birthday Week!

It’s Music Monday and it’s Dean Martin’s birthday week! This Friday, June 7 is the anniversary of Dean Martin’s birth. Let’s kick off the week with some classic Dean!

In Honor Of Memorial Day


On Memorial Day today in the United States, we would like to remember all of our veterans who are no longer with us, including Air Force Captain Dean Paul Martin, Jr., who lost his life 32 years ago in 1987 during a military flight training exercise with the California Air National Guard. May you rest in peace.